Elternzeit Basecamp – English

various dates  –   various locations

Seize your parental leave as a basis for a
fulfilling life – integrating both your profession and your family!

Are you on parental leave and find yourself enjoying this time away from what used to be your “old” life? Do you feel that your core values and needs changed after the birth of your child? Does it seem like you need more than only babygroups and babyswimming-classes to enjoy and also seize this special time in your life? Do you wish for a chance to reflect on and explore your personal and professional plans and design a life that you love?

You can do that with us!

  • Bring your baby, if you like
  • Five group-coaching-sessions at 90 minutes each
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Maximum of 6 participants
  • Lead by a qualified Coach

When it comes to your life, you are the expert. And we are the experts for the right tools to evaluate your values, to assess your goals, qualifications and needs and to review your individual circumstances. We help you analyze, prioritize and develop a clear picture of a life that you love!

That is what we created our Elternzeit Basecamp for.

What you will do in our Elternzeit Basecamp

  • Reflect your ideas of a happy, healthy and satisfying life as a working parent
  • Realize your personal needs and prioritize accordingly
  • Explore your strengths, talents and resources
  • Create your personal vision of a fulfilling life – the life that you love
  • Plan your next steps to turn your vision into reality
  • Build a network and connect to like-minded parents

How we do it

Our Elternzeit Basecamp Workshop series is a group coaching with a maximum of 6 participants. We offer several tools and exercises we work on individually, in teams and in the whole group. These tools will enable you to gain new insights, enable a change of perspective, give you clarity and pave the way for challenging desicions.

Babys/ Children

You are welcome to bring your Baby / Child. And while our concept is designed to integrate the children into our workshops the focus clearly is on you: the parent!

Location / upcoming dates

We offer English-speaking Elternzeit basecamps in various locations, each lead by one of our qualified English speaking coaches. Please contact us for details on dates and locations.


Workshop-series „Elternzeit Basecamp“ 5 sessions at  90 minutes each => 7,5 hours.
Prices include all materials and a certificate.

Company rate: 690 Euro (net), We offer packages for several staff members on parental leave, outline agreements and deductions for trial runs. Feel free to contact us!

Self-pay customers reduced rate: 490 Euro (including VAT)

Coach / Trainer

Christine Winnacker

Born in 1979, married, mother of 3 kids (born 2011, 2013 and 2017), located in München-Sendling. Degree in Internationale Business Management and trained Personal- and Business Coach.
9 years of professional experience, also in leadership roles. Specialist for organisational structures and operational procedures.
1,5 years experience as expat in Stanford, CA, USA. Return to Munich, Gemany in may 2012.
Specialised work-life-balance coach

“The first years after graduating I was solely focused on my career. There was no room for hobbies and a so called work-life-balance did not exist. Sadly this path ended in a burn-out-diagnosis. I have learned so much from this challenging experience and today I know how to take better care of myself and make better choices.
Meanwhile I am a mother of three wonderful kids and experience firsthand the various challenges of adjusting a demanding career and a fulfilling family life. As a work-life-balance coach I focus on empowering parents to find their own personal approach to this. I believe that with a well organized everyday life, a willingness to make compromises and the courage to also try new and unconventional approaches we can all create a life that makes us feel fulfilled, happy and balanced.

Learn more about Christine in our interview series: https://elterngarten.org/impulsserie-elternzeit-christine-winnacker/

As elterngarten Coach Christine hosts our Elternzeit Basecamps in Munich. You can find more information on that here.