Profil des Trainers

Christine Winnacker

elterngarten München

Born in 1979, married, mother of 3 kids (born 2011, 2013 and 2017), located in München-Sendling. Degree in Internationale Business Management and trained Personal- and Business Coach.
9 years of professional experience, also in leadership roles. Specialist for organisational structures and operational procedures.
1,5 years experience as expat in Stanford, CA, USA. Return to Munich, Gemany in may 2012.
Specialised work-life-balance coach

“The first years after graduating I was solely focused on my career. There was no room for hobbies and a so called work-life-balance did not exist. Sadly this path ended in a burn-out-diagnosis. I have learned so much from this challenging experience and today I know how to take better care of myself and make better choices.
Meanwhile I am a mother of three wonderful kids and experience firsthand the various challenges of adjusting a demanding career and a fulfilling family life. As a work-life-balance coach I focus on empowering parents to find their own personal approach to this. I believe that with a well organized everyday life, a willingness to make compromises and the courage to also try new and unconventional approaches we can all create a life that makes us feel fulfilled, happy and balanced.

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As elterngarten Coach Christine hosts our Elternzeit Basecamps in Munich. You can find more information on that here.

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